GAME ON Field Hockey, also called GO Field Hockey, is an official standardized small-sided game format that can be played by boys and girls to learn basic game concepts in a stage and age-appropriate setting. The game and its supporting resources aim to provide players of all ages with a high quality first exposure to field hockey, irrespective of ability and gender, in a safe and challenging environment.

GO Field Hockey can be introduced and played on a variety of surfaces including school yards, grass, turf, gym floors, even tennis courts...any flat surface! It is fun, fast, safe and exciting to play, watch, umpire and facilitate. The goal is to grow field hockey participation among young boys and girls.

GO Field Hockey activities introduce and develop skills and tactics enabling participants to successfully progress to the full indoor and outdoor versions of the game. It's turnkey hockey!

For a PDF of GAME ON Field Hockey Pages 1-20 sample, click above.

For a Spanish PDF version, click here.

To order a printed set of GAME ON Field Hockey and supporting GO CARDS, click here.

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