Bessant Grow the Game Grant 2024-28

Funding and Support for Leaders Driving Grassroots Growth

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  • Introducing the USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant 2024-28

    Supporting & Connecting Leaders • Inspiring Growth

    The USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant supports leaders committed to growing the game at the grassroots level and strengthening a community’s field hockey ecosystem.

    • The grant equips leaders to build or strengthen “Field Hockey Hot Spots,” defined as places where field hockey is an accessible sport option for people to discover, play, learn, compete, improve and excel as athletes, coaches, umpires and fans. 
    • Grantees will receive both financial support, networking opportunities and personalized mentorship based on their stated needs.
    •  Grantees can apply for up to $10k in funding  
    •  Grant applications are due by September 1, 2024

The USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant was established in 2024 through the generosity and vision of Cathy Bessant, USA Field Hockey's Board of Directors Chair. A trailblazer in life and her professional career, she personifies leadership and stewardship. Bessant has been an active supporter of field hockey for many years, locally in her Charlotte, N.C., community, regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2024, Bessant gave USA Field Hockey a donation of $1 million, supported by the Bank of America Foundation, earmarking $200,000 to grow the game. The Bessant Grow the Game Grant will be awarded to applicants who are field hockey leaders, working to develop sustainable playing opportunities in communities throughout the United States.  

The USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate a collaborative approach to developing a sustainable field hockey ecosystem, deemed Field Hockey Hot Spots. These include clubs, state chapters, multi-sport organizations such as schools, parks and recreation centers, YMCA organization, colleges/universities, sports facilities, and more.  

In addition to financial support, grantees will receive support through participation in the 2024 USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant cohort with other grant recipients. Grantees will also be assigned a mentor/partner who is hand-picked to best support and collaborate with the grantee’s vision. 2024 grantees will participate as mentors for the 2025 grantees. 

  • Who Should Apply?

    The USA Field Hockey Bessant Grow the Game Grant is open to all field hockey leaders, including club administrators, coaches, umpires, State Chapters, schools, and others who share USA Field Hockey’s mission to Grow the Game, Serve and Inspire Membership, and Succeed Internationally and are members in good standing of USA Field Hockey. 

    Applicants should be individuals who: 

    • Have a vision to create or strengthen sustainable field hockey programs and ecosystems in their community 
    • Have the drive, energy and initiative to increase hockey opportunities for athletes, coaches, umpires and fans 
    • Can work collaboratively within their community and beyond to develop powerful partnerships for sustainable field hockey growth 
    • Are interested in working with other grantees and mentors to develop and share best practices and expertise with current and future leaders from around the country for the good of the game 
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  • Donate to Keep the Grant Going

    Recipients of the grant are given funding and customized mentorship to support and sustain field hockey leadership within the field hockey community. The initial $200k for this grant was provided by Cathy Bessant, supported by the Bank of America Foundation, in 2024 to be awarded in the quadrennial starting after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and ending with the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.  

    USA Field Hockey desires to continue the Bessant legacy by extending the grant beyond 2028. Its future is in the hands of our community. Donation to the Bessant Grow the Game Grant are accepted through the USA Field Hockey Foundation and are tax-deductible. Give today to support this important grow the game initiative. 

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  • Grant Committee

    The Bessant Grow the Game Grant Committee exists to create grant criteria, review applications, award grants, and assist with the cohort and mentorship program. 

    Thank you to the following voting members who serve on the Bessant Grow the Game Grant Committee in 2024: 

    • Rachel Dawson
    • Miki Osherow
    • Chip Rogers

    Staff Non-Voting Members:

    • Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey's Executive Director
    • Sally Goggin, USA Field Hockey's National Development Director