Coach Education Program

USA Field Hockey's Coach Education and Learning Program provides coaches at all stages of their development with the opportunities and resources to further their coaching practice. The program consists of online and in-person courses that make up the Coaching Certification Program, and an expanding collection of workshops. Coach Education opportunities are also available at several USA Field Hockey events throughout the year, including the Nexus Championship and AAU Junior Olympic Games.

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Coaching Certification Program

USA Field Hockey believes as a core value that trained and certified coaches deliver a more effective, fun and safe developmental field hockey experience. The Coach Education Pathway incorporates best practices from across sports that focuses on a learner-centered approach to development.

The Coaching Certification Program consists of three Levels:

  • Level 1

    The Level 1 Program is the first level of certification in the Coach Education Program. This two-part program consists of an online course and an in-person Instructional Coaching Clinic. The Level 1 Program is specifically designed for individuals that already possess a basic knowledge and understanding of the game of field hockey. (For individuals just starting their coaching journey, it is recommended to take the Coaching Foundations Course.) 

    In order to receive a Level 1 Certification, participants must first complete Part 1: Level 1 Online Coaching Course, then complete Part 2: Level 1 Instructional Coaching Clinic. (Payment will be separate for Part 1 and 2 of the Level 1 Certification.)

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  • Level 2

    The Level 2 Program expands and builds on topics covered in the Level 1 Program. This two-part program consists of an online course and an in-person Instructional Coaching Clinic. The Level 2 Program will challenge participants to further define and evaluate their individual coaching philosophies, styles and techniques, while encouraging self-assessment.

    In order to receive a Level 2 Certification, participants complete both the Level 2 Online Coaching Course and Level 2 Instructional Coaching Clinic.

    Coaches are required to be Level 1 Certified in order to progress to and receive Level 2 Certification.

  • Level 3

    The Level 3 Coaching Course is the highest-level certification that USA Field Hockey currently offers. The Level 3 Coaching Course is a blended 27-hour practical course which includes both in-person and online components. The course centers around individual growth in the following areas: coaching/playing philosophy, principles-based coaching, game analysis, performance planning and more. 

    USA Field Hockey’s Level 3 Coaching Course is open to experienced coaches at the club, high school and college level, and those aspiring to support development of the Junior High Performance environment and beyond. 

    It is encouraged that coaches wait a year or longer between the Level 2 and Level 3 to reflect on learning and explore application. 

    Applicants will be asked to provide relevant coaching documentation, highlighting coaching experiences that will support the application for this course. 

  • Level 1 Coaching Course Outcomes:

    • Gain an understanding of why you coach
    • Develop an appreciation of effective practice design principles  
    • Become comfortable in delivering basic skill development practices for field players and goalkeepers  
    • Gain a basic understanding of “The USA Way” Player, Goalkeeper and Principles of Play
  • Level 2 Coaching Course Outcomes:

    • Develop your coaching philosophy
    • Gain and understanding of how to develop team culture  
    • Develop your ability to design, deliver and review effective practices
    • Gain a basic understanding of how to develop skillful players
    • Learn how to best to design and deliver a team meeting
    • Explore the "USA Way" Principles of Play in more detail
  • Level 3 Topics: 

    • Developing Team Culture
    • Program Management
    • Game Analysis  
    • Technical and Tactical Instruction 
    • High Performance Planning  
    • Individual Development Plan 
    • Goalkeeping
  • Pricing:

    Part 1: Online Coaching Course 

    Member Price: $50 (Non-Member Price: $85)

    Part 2: Instructional Coaching Clinic 

    Member Price: $65  (Non-Member Price: $85)

  • Pricing:

    Member Price: $250 (Non-Member Price: $325)

  • Pricing:

    The Level 3 costs $895 for a total of 27 hours of classroom and practical application. Once an application is filled out, the individual will be notified if accepted.

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The Foundations Course is a free entry level offering for individuals with little to no field hockey experience. It is an interactive course delivered by USA Field Hockey Coach Educators that aims to introduce the basics of field hockey and provide the tools to teach, coach and play the sport with enthusiasm and confidence in a safe, fun and engaging way. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to USA Field Hockey's Sport Development Team at

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  • Technical Skills Workshop

    As the game of field hockey evolves, so do the skills required to play. This three-hour workshop is the perfect opportunity to focus on the correct teaching of the key technical skills necessary to succeed in preparation for the upcoming season. Coaches of all levels are welcome and will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Goalkeeping Workshop

    Teaching goalkeeping and developing and managing goalkeepers is a common challenge. This three-hour workshop will help coaches teach the correct goalkeeping skills and provide suggestions on working with multiple goalkeepers in a team setting. New and experienced coaches of youth, club, high school and collegiate athletes are welcome.

  • Goal Scoring Workshop

    This workshop will identify and teach the key skills required to help coaches develop effective goal scorers. The workshop will include a variety of specific game related individual skills as well as providing practice examples that will highlight some of the tactical considerations and decisions teams and individuals are presented within the attacking circle.

  • Attacking/Defending Principles Workshop

    This three hour workshop is designed to provide practical and usable technical and tactical tips to help coaches support their teams. Both Attacking Principles and Defending Principles workshops are offered.