Looking for a fun athletic activity for your Scout Troop? Try field hockey. Also known just as “hockey” outside the United States, field hockey is a fast and exciting game to play and watch. It’s an Olympic sport for men and women, played in 137 countries. In fact, it’s one of the three most popular and widely played sports in the world.

USA Field Hockey offers a program specially designed for Scouts – Boys and Girls – to enable kids across the country to experience the fun of field hockey.

The Scouts Program will include a field hockey patch awarded to participants and will provide support for Scouts interested in sharing their passion for field hockey as part of their Silver or Gold Awards projects. 

Contact USA Field Hockey at sportdevelopment@usafieldhockey.com and provide your Scout Troop name, location, number, age range of kids and desired dates and location for your event. Field hockey can be played on a field (turf is ideal, but grass is okay too) or on a hard surface such as a gymnasium.

Please try to provide as much advance notice as possible! USA Field Hockey will work to connect you with a field hockey member and/or organization in your area who can help you get the ball rolling. No experience is necessary and USA Field Hockey can provide loaner sticks, balls, curriculum and everything needed to provide a safe and fun field hockey experience for kids ages 5+.

Scouts that participate in the USA Field Hockey Scouts Program will earn a field hockey "fun" patch.

USA Field Hockey would also like to work with Scouts who are interested in using field hockey for their Silver or Gold Award Projects. We are inviting all Scouts who have included field hockey in their Silver or Gold Award project to please share their story with us! Read the stories below for inspiration and suggestions on how Scouts can share their passion for field hockey in their communities, and help share in our mission to Grow the Game!

USA Field Hockey loves to highlight Scouts who have used field hockey as their Silver and Gold Award Projects. Click here to read those reports and be inspired! If you are a Scout interested in sharing your passion for field hockey to achieve an award or merit, please let us know and we will try to assist.