CANCELED: Level 2 Instructional Coaching Clinic - Hartford, Conn.

Aug 19, 2023 - Aug 19, 2023 | Coaching Course | Hartford, CT, USA

*Unfortuantely due to low registration numbers, this Level 2 Instructional Coaching Clinic has been canceled.

The Level 2 Program now consists of two parts, the Level 2 Online Coaching Course and a one-day, in-person Level 2 Instructional Coaching Clinic that expands and builds on topics covered in the Level 1 Certification Program. Coaches are required to be Level 1 Certified in order to progress to and receive Level 2 Certification

All registrants must first complete part one of the Level 2 Program, the Level 2 Online Coaching Course to receive a full Level 2 Certification. To get the most out of the Level 2 Instructional Coaching Clinic, USA Field Hockey requires that all registrants bring completed tasks from the Level 2 Online Coaching Course to the in-person Level 2 for self-reflection and review.