Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Jul 27, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024 | Olympic Games | Paris, France

  • Paris 2024 Media Requests

    For any media requests for the coaches or athletes consisting of local newspaper, online sources, blogs, podcasts, in-person appearances or photo needs, please contact Teryn Brill Galloway, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Communications, at

  • Tickets

    Fans looking to purchase tickets for the Paris 2024 field hockey competition, visit the Official Ticketing Website of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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Meet Phryges

  • The Phryges are based on an item of clothing that is a symbol of freedom, has been part of our History for centuries, and dates back to ancient times. After featuring on certain flags in Latin America before becoming widely popularized by French revoluntaries, the Phrygian cap has now become a familiar symbol in France. A symbol of revolutions, the French Republic and freedom, the Phyrgrian cap can be seen on the French national cion Marianne, depicted in busts at town halls across the country as well as on stamps, and is also covered in the national curriculum in schools.

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