Benjamin Peters officiating at an event


Four Umpires & Technical Staff Appointed to Prominent FIH Events, Two Receive Promotions in FIH Panels

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - With the International Hockey Federation (FIH) releasing upcoming umpire and technical staff assignments at the beginning of July, USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce that four USA representatives have been appointed to prominent events.  

Kim Scott, an International Elite Panel Technical Official, will be a technical official at the 2023 FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup, taking place November 29 through December 10 in Santiago, Chile. Having a wealth of experience, she has served as a judge, technical delegate or technical official for more than 180 international matches. She is coming off being an assistant technical delegate at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games, which took place June 27 to July 6 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In January she was a technical official, and only USA representative, at the men’s and women’s FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup in Pretoria, South Africa. 

Other prominent events on Scott’s résumé include various domestic international series and indoor invitationals along with two seasons in the FIH Hockey Pro League, 2019 Pan American Games and 2021 Indoor Pan American Cups. 

I could not be more ecstatic to represent the USA at Junior World Cup. Being a part of the Third Team has brought so many different experiences and adventures but more importantly lifelong friends from around the world doing what we love…and for that, I am forever grateful.
Kim Scott at the 2023 FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup
Kim Scott

Appointed to officiate at the 2023 FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup, taking place December 5 to 16 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is Benjamin Peters. Rising in the FIH ranks, he recently made the jump to the International Elite Panel for umpires. He has officiated in 69 international contests and was a video umpire in seven. His most recent international appointment was in December 2022 to the FIH Hockey Men’s Nations Cup in Potchefstroom, South Africa. 

Peters’ list of competitions he has officiated at is lengthy but includes a Youth Olympic Festival, FIH Hockey World Leagues, Junior Pan American Championship, CAC Games Qualifier, South American Games, Pan American Games, Pan American Cups, and many test series. 

I am honored to be appointed to this edition of the Junior World Cup. It has been a lifelong goal to go to a World Cup and being able to go back to an amazing country like Malaysia to do it is special. I cannot wait for the unique test that the JWC will provide. To be able to represent the USA and PAHF at this event to showcase the skill we have in our region is a great testament to how the game is growing in this country.
Benjamin Peters officiating at an event
Benjamin Peters

Both Mike Lipka and Rene Zelkin have been appointed as technical officials for the 2024 FIH Hockey5s World Cup taking place January 24 to 31 in Muscat, Oman. After a brief hiatus from the sport, Lipka, who sits on the FIH Advancement Panel for technical officials, returns to the international scene. He has been behind the technical table at various events over the years including various test series, FIH Hockey World League Round 1 and 2, Pan American Cup, CAC Games, FIH Hockey Pro League and Pan American Games. 

I am very excited for the opportunity to not only represent USA Field Hockey, but also the PAHF region at the inaugural Hockey5s World Cup in Oman. Representing USA Field Hockey at the international level is always something in which I take great pride. I have been fortunate enough to experience this version of our sport over the past few years thanks to the Field Hockey Federation in Moorpark playing Hockey5s during their fall league play. This has allowed me the opportunity to gain knowledge of this version of our sport that will serve me well in my appointment. I am incredibly grateful to FIH for this appointment, as well as my family for their continued encouragement, love, and support.
Mike Lipka
Mike Lipka

A familiar face in the international hockey world, Zelkin has worn many hats over the years, most recently serving as the technical delegate for the 2023 Hockey5s Pan American Cup in Kingston, Jamaica. She got her start in 2013 and has been a judge or technical official at prominent events including the Ergo Hockey Junior World Cup, Indoor Pan American Cup, FIH Hockey World League Round 1 and 2, Pan American Games, Pan American Cup, Champions Trophy, Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup, FIH Hockey Pro League, FIH Women’s Series Finals, and various test series. 

Zelkin served as a judge at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and technical official at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

It is an honor to be selected to the first FIH Hockey5s World Cup, which will be held in Oman. I fell in love with Hockey5s in Jamaica and find it very fast and exciting. I can see that Hockey5s will help grow the game throughout the world and in the USA. I look forward to being a part of the growth and sharing my passion for hockey. I have been fortunate to have the support of my family and the USA Field Hockey family which has afforded me to continue my involvement over the years.I am truly grateful for the friendships I have built in the USA and throughout the world that have supported my hockey career.
Rene Zelkin at the 2023 Hockey5s Pan American Cup in Kingston, Jamaica
Rene Zelkin

Along with these international appointments, two USA representatives recently received promotions in the FIH Panels. Allie Mikelson joined the ranks on the Outdoor Umpires International Panel and Gus Soteriades was added to the Outdoor Umpires Manager International Panel. 

“We are delighted to see USA Field Hockey represented in the officiating department at the upcoming FIH Junior World Cups and the inaugural Hockey 5’s World Cup," said Sean Rapaport, USA Field Hockey's Director of Umpiring. "These appointments present excellent opportunities for further exposure and growth across the board and we congratulate and wish our officials the best of luck later this year and early in 2024. The elevation of Allie and Gus to international panel status, as umpire and umpire manager respectively, is exciting to see as we look to expand our officiating footprint internationally. We wish them both long and successful careers in their fields.”  

Stay tuned as more international appointments for umpires and technical officials will be released soon.


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USA Representation on FIH Officials (as of July 2023): 

Outdoor Umpires 

  • Pro League Panel – Maggie Giddens (W) 
  • International Elite Panel – Grant Hundley (M), Benjamin Peters (M), 
  • Advancement Panel – Ridge Bair (M), Mary Driscoll (W) 
  • International Panel – Morgan Ames (W), Allie Mikelson (W), Lance Sarabia (M) 

Outdoor Technical Officials 

  • Pro League Panel – Lurah Hess (W), Rene Zelkin (W) 
  • International Elite Panel – Kim Scott (W) 
  • Advancement Panel – Mike Lipka (M) 
  • International Panel – Aaron Dudek (M), Chip Rogers (M) 

Outdoor Umpire Managers 

  • Pro League Panel – Steve Horgan (M) 
  • International Panel – Gus Soteriades (M) 

Indoor Umpires 

  • International Panel – Ridge Bair (M), Maggie Giddens (W), Ashley Hahn (W), Judith Yurkofsky (W)

Indoor Umpire Managers 

  • International Panel – Gus Soteriades (M), Dean Wenrich (M)