2024 AAU Junior Olympic Games to Showcase Exciting Expansion with U-16 Boys Hockey5s Format

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce that the 2024 edition of the AAU Junior Olympic Games, taking place July 29 to August 1 at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem., N.C., will feature a groundbreaking addition of U-16 Boys teams competing in the fast-paced and dynamic Hockey5s format.

The tournament will continue to showcase the top U-16 Girls who will have earned their spots through a rigorous selection process at the 2024 Junior Nexus Championship, presented by Osaka Hockey, and Olympic Development Pathway. These players represent the future of field hockey and embody the spirit of competition. 

The decision to include U-16 Boys in the Hockey5s format comes as part of the ongoing efforts to promote field hockey for boys nationally leading into the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. Hockey5s, a small-sided, shorter, more intense variant of the traditional game, emphasizes speed, skill and teamwork, providing a thrilling experience for both the athletes and spectators. 

On the boys side, the AAU Junior Olympians will be selected based on coach recommendations. In addition, boys competing in the upcoming California Cup tournament, from May 24 to 27, will be able to tryout there. This ensures a high level of competition and guarantees that the most promising young talent can showcase their skills at this event. 

The AAU Junior Olympics Games at Wake Forest University will not only be a platform for showcasing and developing exceptional young talent but will also serve as an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the nation. The event promises to be a celebration of athleticism, teamwork and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of field hockey. 

"Hockey is an Olympic Sport for men and women and as such, we are excited to include a Boys Division in the 2024 AAU Junior Olympic Games," said Marc Bakerman, USA Field Hockey's Boys Development Manager. "This groundbreaking addition underscores our commitment to fostering talent and inclusivity for U-16 Boys by offering an opportunity to train and develop in the new Hockey5s format, and to experience this prestigious event as Junior Olympians, alongside girls of the same age.  USA Field Hockey is working to increase opportunities for boys and men across the country. We thank the AAU for providing this opportunity for both boys and girls.”

For more information about the AAU Junior Olympic Games and to stay updated on the event, visit the event page. If you have any questions about Boys at this event, contact Marc Bakerman at or questions about Girls at this event, contact Taylor Rideout, USA Field Hockey's Senior Nexus Manager, at