2024 JPOL: The Beginning of a New Decade!

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Content Courtesy of Junior Premier Hockey

The 11th annual Junior Premier Outdoor League (JPOL) came to a close on June 9 with the crowning of champions in Region 5, 6 and 7, as well as JPOL Elite. JPOL Regions 4, 8 and U-14 Combined Championships were held the weekend of June 1 and 2.

This year JPOL saw an increase in scheduling conflicts and availability of a steadfast venue in Region 7 where a new league was formed. There were also a fewer number of AstroTurf fields on college campuses available in some other regions due to the fact that many facilities were being replaced and/or upgraded. We are excited to see the new and improved facilities and hope to be back next year!

Much appreciation to the universities and private institutions who granted access and use of their facilities this year. JPOL will continue to build upon and develop strong working and supportive relationships with venues that continue to make facilities affordable and accessible to youth club hockey.

While playing in a format mirroring that of NCAA and the International Hockey Federation (FIH), JPOL U-16/U-19 Elite continues to showcase top level youth hockey as well as some top young officials.

The goal of JPOL Elite is to create stronger competition across all regions and to make players, coaches, officials and spectators more familiar with the NCAA and FIH formats of 15 minutes quarters with clock stoppages, thus creating an easier transition to the next level of competition as participants move to the next stage in their promising hockey careers.

Over the course of the spring season the benefits of participation were evident across all regions. Improvements in the quality of performance was seen across the board at the various championships which reflected the commitment of the players, parents, coaches, umpires, technical officials and many others. 

“We are a new club and this was our club's first year competing in JPOL and appreciated the clear communication and professionalism from the leadership team," said Stateline Field Hockey (Md.). "The organization on game day, staffing has been outstanding as well. We look forward to participating in 2025.”

At this time, let’s pause to recognize and celebrate all the victors and show our appreciation to all participants, officials, supporters, volunteers and sponsors.

The continued success of this League would not be possible without the support of many who tirelessly give of their time and experience. Much appreciation goes to the club directors, coaches and their membership who join us each spring to make this league possible. More thanks goes to the umpire managers (UM), technical delegates (TD) and their staff of dedicated technical officers (TO) and umpires. You all give so much of you time and talent to be part of this event and its continued successes. 

Much appreciation to the site coordinators who stepped forward to make sure the officials and volunteer staff are nourished and hydrated at each venue. The video operators who did a great job capturing the moments and making them available on JPH YouTube Channel and last but not least the athletic trainers (ATC) and physiotherapists who were ever and always present to attend to any and all injuries sustained on and off the field. These individuals perform a key role in making the JPH events pleasurable and enjoyable in a safe environment for all.

Special thanks and appreciation to the volunteer parent judges from each club who stepped up each week to give a helping hand at the technical table, making sure that the results, game clock and statistics were correct. We thank you for your service and hope you enjoy the front row seat! 

To the dedicated JPH Directors who put in countless volunteer hours behind the scenes which allows JPH to continue to plan and organize these events. Thank you all for continuing to Grow the Game!

Another shout out to those college coaches who took the time to attend the numerous competitions in each region and to show their continued support. It is always a pleasure to see coaches in attendance showing your support for this event and hope you will continue to attend and recruit at all of JPH events. We believe that this is a perfect arena for recruiting and in most cases only a short drive away.

Special recognition to major sponsor Rothman Orthopedics, apparel sponsor, and Harrow Sports USA, official individual awards sponsor. Thank you for your continued support!

To the USA Field Hockey and Staff who we worked with closely throughout the year, we appreciate the continued support shown in working together for the good of the sport and the wider USA Field Hockey Membership. We thank you and look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our relationship as a USA Field Hockey Sanctioned event that benefits the membership and at the same time helping to Grow the Game by providing regional opportunities for athletes, coaches, umpires, umpire managers and technical officials.   

And now to recognize and congratulate the 2024 Champions and Special Award recipients from each of the participating Regions, Elite and U-14 combined, for an outstanding performance.

U-14 Combined – Next Level

Region 8 – HUSEL

U-14 Combined – Kelby Dings, Next Level

Region 8 – Kaylee Hester, Relentless FHC

U-14 Combined – Alexandra Beety, UPRISE FHC

Region 8 – Ysens Mason, HUSEL

Elite – Main Line (Mayhem) FHC

Region 4 – Rye Academy

Region 5 – Xcalibur FHC

Region 6 – South Jersey Edge

Region 7 – Metro HC

Region 8 – Panthers United FH

Elite –  Norah Kirsch, Main Line (Mayhem) FHC

Region 5 – Kendal Gilbert, Xcalibur FHC

Region 6 – Jenna Vivadelli, South Jersey Edge

Region 7 – Raya McHenry, Metro HC

Region 8 – Avery Johnson, Panthers United

Elite - Aida Ierubino, Main Line (Mayhem) FHC

Region 5 – Reese D'Ariano, WC Eagles

Region 6 – Marley Dutch, South Jersey Edge

Region 6 – Clara Meccage, Princeton FHC

Region 7 – Lucy Demcsak, Metro FHC

Region 8 – Lilah-Grace Logan, Panthers United

Elite - Freedom HKY

Region 4 - Rye Academy

Region 5 - Alley Cats

Region 6 - Princeton FHC

Region 7 - Shore Field Hockey

Region 8 - Panthers United

Elite - Natalie Machiran, Freedom HKY

Region 5 - Olivia Gain, Alley Cats

Region 6 - Addison McMains (GK), South Jersey Edge

Region 7 - Caroline Kimball (GK), Shore FH

Region 8 - Caitlin Carraway, Panthers United

Elite - Shae Wozniak, Main Line (Mayhem) FHC

Region 5 - Kasey Rieger, FSC

Region 6 - Sylvie Notine, Jersey Intensity

Region 7 - Amanda Martin, Metro HC

Region 8 - Sawyer Anderson - HUSEL

Region 8 - Mika Hilburger, Focus FHC

In recognition of her dedication and all she does for field hockey in Region 8 especially the Virginia Beach area, a Sportsmanship award was donated and presented in honor of Terri Sawyer.

The 2024 recipient of the Terri Sawyer, Sportsmanship Award was awarded to Typhoon FHC.

Junior Premier Hockey is always looking for any hockey enthusiasts who would like to contribute their talents and help to Grow The Game. Check out their Tech and Umpires section for the many areas where you can give back to the game. Training is provided!

For all results, final ranking and other information, visit JuniorPremierHockey.com.

On behalf of Junior Premier Hockey (JPH), its Directors, Rachael Bloemker and Nigel Traverso, we say many thanks to all for your hard work, dedication, commitment, support and cooperation in making this Junior Premier Hockey event a continued success.

Congratulations to the 2024 JPOL Champions!