USA Field Hockey

The USA Field Hockey American Development Model (ADM) is built on the foundation of Core Values integral to the growth of the sport. When these values are embraced, participants learn the sport better, love it more and enjoy it longer, gaining important life skills in the process.

  • Safety, Health & Well-being

    For sports to be fun, they must be physically and emotionally safe for all participants, free from bullying and all forms of abuse and with low risk of serious injury. USA Field Hockey has the highest standards for safety and mandates SafeSport training and certification for all adult, coach and umpire members who work with children. Make sure your coaches and umpires are current USA Field Hockey Members.

    Physical literacy is the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle and the building blocks of athleticism. Incorporate physical literacy into every training to help kids of all ages develop and maintain strength, speed, coordination, flexibility and more.

    Encourage children and players to try a lot activities and play many sports. Avoid specializing in anything, including field hockey, too early. Experiencing many different sports and activities at a young age can develop healthy and active people for life, prevent overuse injuries and create great field hockey players.

  • Inclusion & Accessibility

    Field hockey, and all sports, should be accessible and welcoming to all regardless of race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation and physical abilityUSA Field Hockey works to promote and grow the game so everyone has the opportunity to play, coach, umpire, watch and enjoy. USA Field Hockey Membership and participation in USA Field Hockey events helps support sport development programs, including grants and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

    USA Field Hockey believes all hockey is good hockey. Everyone in America should have the opportunity to play and fall in love with field hockey, starting at a young age. It can be played on many different surfaces, indoor and outdoor and in various formats. It is a sport everyone can enjoy throughout their lifetime.

  • Trained & Certified Coaches and Umpires

    Properly trained and certified coaches and umpires deliver a better and more enjoyable experience while providing the safest environment possible.USA Field Hockey Coach and Umpire Members of all levels have access to training and resources to help them take their game, and that of their athletes, to the next level. Continual professional development enables coaches and umpires to stay up to date with rules and best practices.

     and take advantage of the many benefits, offerings, tools and resources created to support and inspire you in your field hockey journey.

  • Educated & Engaged Parents

    Parents’ attitudes and behaviors can directly impact a child’s interest and experience. Parents can support their children on and off the field by playing field hockey, providing words of encouragement and filling in roles such as an umpire or coach. Children whose parents are engaged with and supportive of their activities are more likely to achieve and succeed in sports and life.

  • Teams & Teamwork

    Teams provide social interaction and promote important life skills. Learning to function as a team is critical in sports and life and a positive team environment fosters friendship, loyalty, cooperation, problem-solving and much more. Field hockey encourages a culture of team as family, where all roles and individuals are valued, respected and supported.

  • Fun & Learner Centered

    Fun is the number one reason people get involved and stay active in sports. Field hockey should be fun for all ages, without laps, lines and lectures. it can be enjoyed at all different levels of competition and stages of life.
    A learner-centered approach is empowering and motivating for the player and involves them in the decision making process. In addition, for fun and successful development it is critical for coaches to provide age and stage-appropriate learning.

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