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    • Masters Field Hockey is for every adult field hockey player 35 and over! Whether you are an experienced player or brand new to the sport, U.S. Masters Field Hockey welcomes you to join the fun with opportunities to play locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

      USA Field Hockey is proud to endorse the U.S. Masters Teams in international competition for both outdoor and indoor field hockey, as required by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF) and World Masters Hockey (WMH). 

      USA Field Hockey provides exclusive endorsement for the U.S. Masters Men’s and Women’s self-funded committees for International Masters competitions. The U.S. Men's and Women's Masters Committees work in conjunction with USA Field Hockey to grow the sport for masters field hockey nationwide. USA Field Hockey provides support to the separate men’s and women’s program leadership as they promote, organize, select, coach and lead Masters teams to represent Team USA internationally.

      Masters is developing quickly around the world, and many countries have Masters’ leagues. U.S. Masters has grown over the past several years with the USA sending more teams to international WMH and World Grand Masters Association (WGMA) events annually. WMH serves athletes who are between 35 and 60 years of age, while the WGMA serves those 60 years of age and older. Masters competitions are held within 5-year age bands, such as 35-39 years old, 40-44 years old etc. up to 80 years and older!

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    • Upcoming Masters Events

      Nottingham, England (Indoor) | March 28 - April 1

      O-35 Men & Women, O-40 Men & Women, O-45 Men & Women, O-40 Men & Women, O-55 Men & Women, O-60 Men & Women, O-65 Men & Women

      Cape Town, South Africa | October 12-21, 2024

      O-35 Men, O-35 Women, O-40 Men, O-40 Women, O-65 Men, O-70 Men, O-75 Men, O-80 Men, Spirit of Masters

      Auckland, New Zealand | November 7-16, 2024

      O-45 Men, O-45 Women, O-50 Men, O-50 Women, O-55 Men, O-55 Women, O-60 Men, O-60 Women, O-65 Women, O-70 Women, Spirit of Masters

      Click here for WMH World Cup Training & Selection

    U.S. Masters Field Hockey remains committed to:

    • Grow the number of players over 35 years of age who are involved domestically, and
    • Field strong, competitive international teams

    We are focused on two major themes in support of these goals.

    • Improve the competitiveness of our international teams through ideas such as improved selection processes, developing squads from which teams will be selected and emphasizing fitness to play at an elite level.
    • Pursuing sponsorship to decrease the cost of participation.  

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