USA Field Hockey & Beyond Pulse Forge Partnership Ahead of 2025 FIH Hockey Indoor World Cup for Men

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Field Hockey and Beyond Pulse have joined forces in a notable move for field hockey and sports tech. This partnership names Beyond Pulse as the “Official Supplier and Sponsor of USA Field Hockey,” focusing on advancing the sport with wearable technology. The Beyond Pulse Smart Belt and Data Dashboard will play a crucial role in tracking player activity for the U.S. Men’s National Indoor Team program.

Beyond Pulse's wearable technology provides simplified yet comprehensive player data, offering coaches, teams and trainers insights into fitness levels, player health and the effectiveness of training. This results in a more personalized and effective approach to both training and game day strategy.

The insights gained from Beyond Pulse are vital for ensuring player health and fitness, as well as for high-level team preparation. This is particularly impactful as the senior men's team prepares to qualify for the 2025 FIH Hockey Indoor World Cup.

“We are excited to be working with Beyond Pulse. I have no doubt that Beyond Pulse will be able to help us track our performance on the court and give us a better understanding of the workload our players experience during games. Tracking performance for us isn’t just about ensuring players are in peak condition, but it also ties into the health and wellness of our group. Performance relies on health and we understand that Beyond Pulse will not only give us the edge but ensure we are making healthy performance decisions as a staff and group for our athletes and our program.”
Jason Mulder, Indoor USMNT Head Coach

"We are proud to partner with USA Field Hockey and contribute to the development of the sport,” said Matt Pell, CEO of Beyond Pulse. “Our goal has always been to provide tools that empower coaches and players, and this partnership embodies that mission. This is a step forward not just for the men’s indoor teams, but for the sport of field hockey in the United States.”

This partnership is rooted in a shared vision of harnessing wearable technology to elevate the sport of field hockey in the United States. Looking for more information about the partnership or want to get in touch with someone from Beyond Pulse? Click here to find out more.

About USA Field Hockey

USA Field Hockey is the national governing body for the sport of field hockey in the United States and is based in Colorado Springs, Colo. USA Field Hockey is committed to providing opportunities for the 30,000 members to participate, develop, and excel as athletes, coaches, umpires and administrators. The U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams strive for competitive excellence in the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Cup and other international competitions. USA Field Hockey is a proud member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, International Hockey Federation and Pan American Hockey Federation. For more information visit

About Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse is a global leader in wearable technology specifically tailored for athletes of all ages and abilities. Beyond Pulse uses technology to inspire a lifelong love of activity amongst its users and to empower coaches to improve how they structure training sessions and mentor other coaches as well. Discover more at and follow us on Twitter.