USA Field Hockey Welcomes Plus Foods Minus Foods as Sponsor for Member Savings & Better Health

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Field Hockey is pleased to welcome new sponsor Plus Foods Minus Foods. A web-based program to help athletes manage their caloric intake in ways that are healthy and safe through Functional Nutrition Coaching, Plus Foods Minus Foods is offering USA Field Hockey Members a free 3-month self-guided trial, a $99 value.

Founding partner Rob Walters, who is also a SafeSport Certified field hockey coach at Pawling NY High School, said, “We at Plus Foods Minus Foods are very excited to partner with USA Field Hockey in offering our nutritional coaching to field hockey athletes nationwide.”

Walters continued, “Functional Nutrition is a new way of looking at training, nutritional intake and  lifestyle that uniquely treats the athlete as an individual and works with their needs to help them improve their health and performance. Plus Foods Minus Foods works within the principles of Functional Nutrition, but with an individualized perspective which those elements rely on for the athlete’s success. The program focuses on both improving the mind and body by adding Plus Foods for athlete refueling while reducing the Minus Foods.”

“If the athletes choose to go for a more personalized counseling program, we act as nutrition detectives to dig deep into an athlete’s nutrition, training, history and lifestyle to help them get where they want to be as an athlete. After our full analysis, we look to guide them to reach their goals with an ideal nutrition plan. We strive to reduce hidden and visible inflammation to help athletes stay at their peak performance.”

Walters is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC) as well as a life-long athlete since the age of four years. In addition to coaching field hockey, he coaches lacrosse and track at Pawling. He has worked with more than 1,000 athletes with his positive approach coaching method and has included nutritional counseling as part of his success.

His coaching programs include head coach of Team 91 NY Tristate's 2025 girl’s team as well as the 2022 Co-Coach of the Hudson Valley NY team, which went to the USA Lacrosse High School National Tournament. He is also a USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach, NY State Certified Public School Coach, and a NFHS Nationally Certified Coach, in addition to a USA Field Hockey Coach Member. He was a state champion cross country runner in high school and a member of Villanova's Division I track team in college.

Beyond that Walters has competed in over 125 triathlons including USAT National Championships, Ironman Lake Placid as well as in the NYC Marathon.

The Plus Foods Minus Foods program allows athletes to work at their own pace individually and, if they desire, a more personalized counseling approach to find a truly committed and highly recommended nutritional counselor to personally guide them toward their own goals and success.

In addition to the 3-month free self-guided trial valued at $99, the sponsorship allows USA Field Hockey Members a 10% discount off the regular published rates for Plus Foods Minus Foods personalized counseling services. Members can find this benefit on USA Field Hockey’s Membership Portal and on the In the Circle Member App.

About Plus Foods Minus Foods

Ron and Dave Walters founded the company and developed the program after Dave was diagnosed with Crone’s disease and received dietary information he believed was contrary to his health. After years of education and research, the Walters brothers learned more about food and how it affects the body, especially the body of an athlete, then founded their company to share their knowledge, research and skills with others through a use-as-you go self-guided system. Learn more at