Horgan Appointed Chair of FIH Rules Committee

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – It is an honor to announce that the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has appointed Steve Horgan, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Umpiring, as the chair of the FIH Rules Committee effective immediately. This 2-year appointment will run through March 2023, where Horgan will oversee a committee of six representatives from different continental federations.


“It is a great honor for USA Field Hockey to be recognized as a leader in the hockey world,” said Horgan. “As I represent USA Field Hockey and the Pan Am Hockey Federation on this Committee, be assured that it will be done with input from many of our members participating in all aspects of the game. As the Chair of the [FIH] Rules Committee, I look toward the future of the game to keep it the greatest sport in the world with the best people in the world. The skills, speed and tactics of the game will continue to advance, and the rules must keep up with them. I look forward to being in contact with our members to help take the game to the next level, keeping all age groups and participants in mind.”


The FIH Rules Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the international rules of hockey. Sitting on the committee with Horgan is Ahmed Youssef (African Hockey Federation Rep.), Elena Norman (Asian Hockey Federation Rep.), Margaret Hunnaball (European Hockey Federation Rep.), Katrina Powell (Oceania Hockey Federation Rep.), Soldedad Iparaguirre (Pan American Hockey Federation Rep.) and Athlete Representative Scott Tupper


“Steve Horgan seldom speaks of his many field hockey accomplishments,” said Jeanne O’Brien, USA Field Hockey’s Board of Directors Vice-Chair and Officials’ Representative. “He is the type of person who lets his actions define him. His passion for the game; and his dedication to promoting and improving the game are unrivalled. I am excited that the FIH has recognized his hard work and competence by appointing him to chair the FIH Rules Committee. Congratulations Steve for earning such an honor. USA Field Hockey is fortunate to have him part of our team.”


In June 2017, Horgan was appointed to FIH Rules Committee as the Pan American Hockey Federation representative. A field hockey official since 1983, Horgan has worked virtually every level of the game from club and high school contests to the Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. He also has umpired NCAA contests at every division. On the international stage, he has umpired 85 contests, which include World Cups and the Pan American Games in addition to the Olympics Games.