Dr. Schiller Named Junior & Senior U.S. Men’s National Teams Manager

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Field Hockey is pleased to name Dr. Kathy Schiller as the U.S. Men’s National Teams Manager. In her role, Dr. Schiller will support USMNT Head Coach Harry Singh in the areas of daily administration for both the junior and senior men’s programs and assist in continued development of the high performance culture. 


"Welcome aboard, Kathy!" said Singh. "We believe that what a strong group of people can accomplish together is much larger, far greater, and will exceed what an individual can achieve alone for our USMNT.We love to form a team, work with enthusiastic, creative people, and have a great learning attitude. Kathy's remarkable skills will be a great addition to our team. On behalf of all the USMNT members and the management, I would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!”


Field hockey has been a family passion for Dr. Schiller, and has been the center of travels, holidays and after school time for the past 15 years. Her twin daughters and son have all enjoyed playing the sport. Both daughters went on to umpire after playing in college as well as help to create a field hockey curriculum for the YMCA’s Blue Ridge Leaders School. Her son is a practice player at the University of Maryland and has been a member of the Junior U.S. Men’s National Team and U.S. Men’s National Indoor Teams. 


Dr. Schiller studied at Johns Hopkins University, where she earned her Bachelor, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. She is a retired Chronic Disease Epidemiologist from the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division of the Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center. After retiring in 2002, Dr. Schiller went on to provide business consulting and assist with asset conversions for individuals, commercial, non-profit, military and boutique businesses. 


Dr. Schiller was an Independent Director on the USA Field Hockey Board of Directors from 2017 to 2020, where her area of contribution was primarily to assist the organization with growing the game and fundraising. Over the last four years, she has had many opportunities to fulfill and renew her commitment by coordinating fundraising campaigns, donor and sponsor identification, solicitation and grant efforts for both the men’s and women’s outdoor and indoor programs. Additionally, she volunteered countless hours and logistic support for several self-funded boys programs, including the U-16, U-18 and U-21 USMNT as well as the Junior and Senior Indoor USMNT. Dr. Schiller became a trustee of the U.S. Field Hockey Foundation in January 2021.


“It is an honor to work with Coach Singh and both the junior and senior men’s teams,” commented Dr. Schiller. “I am truly looking forward to supporting the staff and athletes as they prepare for success.”


Join USA Field Hockey in welcoming Dr. Schiller to Team USA.