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Behind the Whistle: Intentional Over the End Line

by USA Field Hockey

Each week, USA Field Hockey's Umpiring Department will provide video clips for educational purposes on recent plays/calls.


FIH Rule 12.3.d: A penalty corner is awarded for intentionally playing the ball over the back-line by a defender.


NFHS Rule 10 Section 1 Article 1.c: A penalty corner is awarded when the defense intentionally hits the ball over the end line.


Even though the wording of the rule may be a little different, the application of the rule is the same for all levels of field hockey.


Application: The umpire saw that the defender hit the ball away from the attacker cleanly, but with no attempt to continue to play it any further. Thus, the penalty corner decision…Proper Application


Guidance: Even though this play is not “right on the end line”, the defender, with no regard for the end line, just hits it well away where no one can play it in time before it goes out of bounds. Since the attackers must be aware of the end line, so must the defense when playing the ball. The game is to be fair to both teams.


Video clips and photos are being utilized for educational purposes only and not meant to critique individual players, coaches or officials.