U.S. Masters Committee Announces Transition Team

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – To better align with World Masters Hockey (WMH) and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to support the U.S. Masters community, USA Field Hockey’s Board of Directors approved the addition of a temporary committee, the Transition Team. The purpose of this group, which is made up of U.S. Men’s and Women’s Masters Committee leaders, is to develop the strategic plan and infrastructure needed to serve, support and grow the Masters community.

The Transition Team will work with the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Masters Committees and USA Field Hockey to build out the policies and procedures needed for WMH, FIH and federal compliance, as teams prepare for the upcoming 2022 Masters World Cups in Notthingham, England; Cape Town, South Africa and Tokyo, Japan. They willhelp liaise between the large community of Masters athletes, USA Field Hockey and the international governing body of WMH. 

U.S. Masters Transition Team

  1. Peter Bale, Co-Chair
  2. Pam Stuper, Co- Chair
  3. Diane Clune Molinaro
  4. Christine Couteau
  5. Peter Jones
  6. Alva Serrette
  7. Maria Keesling (Transition Team Coordinator)
  8. Kendra Lucking (USA Lifetime Engagement Liaison)

The U.S. Men’s and Women’s Masters Committees have built an outstanding program for the 35+ adult community in the United States over the last ten years. Thank you to the Transition Team members who have contributed much to U.S. Men’s and Women’s Masters Leadership and will continue to drive the success of Masters in the United States

ThisTransition Team will solicit the Masters community for expressions of interest with opportunities to get involved in the future. For questions, please contact Pam Stuper at or Peter Bale at