Hocsocx Renews as Exclusive Licensee of USA Field Hockey in the Rash Guard Category

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Field Hockey welcomes back Hocsocx as the “Exclusive Licensee of USA Field Hockey in the Rash Guard Category,” a designation applied due to the quality and specialty of the product in helping athletes stay healthy and prevent injury. Hocsocx has supported USA Field Hockey as an official sponsor since 2013.


“USA Field Hockey values its relationship with Hocsocx and is thrilled to welcome Hocsocx back as a sponsor,” said Ginger Wheeler, USA Field Hockey’s Commercial Partnership and Marketing Manager. “The products provide an invaluable service to our U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams helping the teams focus on their game and achieving great results on the pitch. Athletes of all ages participating in field hockey and other sports, including soccer, lacrosse, football and more can enjoy the comfort and security Hocsocx provide.”


Hocsocx are available in a few different styles: the original Hocsocx and Hocsocx sleeves. The original Hocsocx are full-footed socks that go completely over the toes, ankles, calves and shins, providing optimal protection to the entire lower leg and foot. Hocsocx sleeves can be worn on the low leg, protecting the calf, shin and ankle bones. Sleeves can additionally be worn on the arm as use of protection from rubbing for goalkeepers and other athletes that wear protective padding on the arms. From function to fun, Hocsocx scores.


After making their public debut at the 2012 National Field Hockey Festival, Hocsocx continued their involvement with USA Field Hockey. In addition to being visible at tournaments and events, in 2013 Hocsocx became the official rash guard supplier for the U.S. Women’s National Team and in 2015 became the official rash guard supplier for the U.S. Men’s National Team.


If you’re looking to say goodbye to rubs and rashes look no further. Be sure to visit the Hocsocx tent at upcoming USA Field Hockey events or order them online. All USA Field Hockey Members also receive free shipping on all orders. Login to your USA Field Hockey Membership Account to access your Member Exclusive code today.


About Hocsocx:

Performance, Protection, and Personality, otherwise known as the “3 P’s,” are Hocsocx’s purpose and drive behind the creation of the company. Hocsocx are a thin but durable liner sock worn underneath shin guards and padding to help prevent and eliminate rashes and irritation during play with no added bulk. Wicking away sweat to deter bacteria build-up is one of the greatest benefits Hocsocx provides. The fitted, comfortable fabric of Hocsocx keeps the socks staying in place while never getting too tight or too loose. Hocsocx allow athletes to focus on their game with no distractions and encourages athletes to keep their skin healthy with the bonus of choosing bright colors and designs to fit all personalities! Visit