LaceUp® Athletics Adds Weight to USA Field Hockey Sponsor List

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  – August 10, 2023 – For every field hockey athlete looking to take their game to the next level, look no further: LaceUp® is the perfect fit for players of any age. Developed to address the need to build speed and power without sacrificing form, LaceUp are weights designed to wrap seamlessly around a field hockey stick, adding just the right amount of resistance to build strength and muscle memory for an athlete in training. With a new sponsorship in place at USA Field Hockey, LaceUp is proud to supply Team USA athletes with weights that will enhance their training regimen and produce winning results in competition.

To use the Laces, athletes simply tightly wrap it around the middle of the stick just below the grip to increase overall forearm and hand strength, enhance stick skills and control, develop quicker hands, improve reaction time and increase the speed of all releases on the ball during games.

Adding weight to sports equipment, such as field hockey sticks, softball bats, lacrosse sticks and golf clubs, during training is a common practice. An athlete will build strength and endurance as his/her muscles become accustomed to the additional weight. When the weight is removed from the equipment during game play, the equipment feels lighter and more controllable due to the athlete’s enhanced strength.

LaceUp was invented by company founder Jay Ciccarone, who prides himself on developing simple products to solve complex problems. The issue of adding weight to field hockey sticks is challenging, but these weights wrap around and affix to the shaft of the stick, unlike traditional circular shaped weights.

“The LaceUp weights are a simple addition to any athlete’s training program,” said Ciccarone. “Although originally designed for lacrosse sticks, I quickly identified how the weights could be used in field hockey with the support from U.S. Women’s National Team athlete Charlotte de Vries. I am proud to support the members of Team USA with this important sponsorship, and look forward to a long relationship with USA Field Hockey.”

“LaceUp training weights are beautifully designed and fun to handle,” commented Ginger Wheeler, USA Field Hockey’s Commercial Partnership and Marketing Manager. “USA Field Hockey is pleased with this new sponsorship and grateful for the support of Mr. Ciccarone and LaceUp as we prepare for important tournaments coming in the next few months and years. It’s a win-win-win. Win for USA Field Hockey, win for Team USA and win for LaceUp.”

In addition to supplying Team USA with LaceUp training weights, the company is generously offering all USA Field Hockey Members a 20 percent discount when ordering online at with a coupon code found on the USA Field Hockey Member Discounts page and on the USA Field Hockey Member App - In the Circle.