FIH Hockey Stars Awards 2023: Vote for the Best Players of the Year!

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The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is glad to announce that the following 20 top hockey athletes have been shortlisted to win the FIH Best Player and the FIH Best Goalkeeper Awards of the Year:

FIH Player of the Year Award - Nominees


Charlotte Englebert (BEL)

Rosie Malone (AUS)

Eugenia Trinchinetti (ARG)

Xan de Waard (NED)

Sonja Zimmermann (GER)


Thierry Brinkman (NED)

Jeremy Hayward (AUS)

Hardik Singh (IND)

Zach Wallace (ENG)

Niklas Wellen (GER)

FIH Goalkeeper of the Year Award - Nominees


Jocelyn Bartram (AUS)

Kelsey Bing (USA)

Josine Koning (NED)

Savita (IND)

Julia Sonntag (GER)


Pirmin Blaak (NED)

Andrew Charter (AUS)

Jean-Paul Danneberg (GER)

Oliver Payne (ENG)

Vincent Vanasch (BEL) 

The list of nominees was established by an Expert Panel* composed of players, former players, coaches and officials selected by each of their Continental Federations. Every international match played in 2023 has been considered (all international events and official test matches), and match data was shared with the Expert Panel before establishing the final list of nominees.

The voting process is now open! National Associations - represented by their respective national teams’ captains and coaches -, fans, players, coaches, officials and media can register their vote until December 11 (23:59 CET).

Anyone wishing to vote simply has to open a 100% FREE “FIH Family” account and, by doing so, will benefit from exclusive content and perks!

The votes of the Expert Panel count for 40% of the overall result. Those from National Associations count for a further 20%. The fans and other players (20%) as well as the media (20%) will make the remaining 40%.

Fans and players can cast their vote here.

Media can cast their vote here

Only one vote per Award is accepted.

List of Awards:
  • FIH Player of the Year (Women and Men)
  • FIH Goalkeeper of the Year (Women and Men)
  • FIH Rising Star of the Year (Women and Men)*
  • FIH Coach of the Year (Women and Men)**
  • FIH Umpire of the Year (Women and Men)***

* Not for vote - Due to the timing of both FIH Hockey Junior World Cups – Women and Men – the FIH Rising Star of the Year Awards will be given to the Best Player of these two events
** Not for vote - The Expert Panel will decide the winners of the FIH Coach of the Year Awards
*** Not for vote - The FIH Umpiring Committee will decide the winners of the FIH Umpire of the Year Awards

The winners of all Awards will be announced on 19 December 19, 2023.

The list of previous winners is available on

*Expert Panel members:
Chair (and Joint Chair of the FIH Athletes Committee): Rogier Hofman (NED)
Asia: Deepika (IND) and Tahir Zaman (PAK)
Africa: Jacqueline Mwangi (KEN) and Rassie Pieterse (RSA)
Europe: Janne Müller-Wieland (GER) and Simon Mason (ENG)
Oceania: Amber Church (NZL) and John Mowat (AUS)
PanAmerica: Soledad Iparraguirre (ARG) and Craig Parnham (USA)

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