Excitement Builds for the Coaching Event of the Year: The 2024 High Performance Summit

Framed by the backdrop of the U.S. Women’s National Team's (USWNT) qualification at the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifier this past January, the 2024 USA Field Hockey High Performance Summit now emerges as the coaching event of the year! Coaches do not want to miss this chance to engage with the USWNT High Performance Staff. Led by High Performance Director, Craig Parnham, and USWNT Head Coach, David Passmore, along with the elite staff they’ve assembled, the High Performance Summit will be two full days of hands-on learning.

This year's summit, set for May 6 and 7 in Charlotte, N.C., will be a dissection of the coaching innovation that supported the USWNT’s success at the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifier, and that continues as the team prepares for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The High Performance Summit has been specifically designed to provide USA Field Hockey member coaches with an in-depth look into tactics, culture, and fitness; a detailed breakdown of defensive and offensive principles; and how these elements are synergized to create team opportunities in games. Coaches will learn how strategic decisions are made in real-time, the art of cultivating a winning team culture, and how to leverage analytics and physical development for peak performance.

Why Attend this year's High Performance Summit?

There are two key reasons why coaches should attend this event. First, the opportunity to experience high performance coach education in real time is valuable for every coach. The demands and expectations of a team vying for a title or to win a tournament bring the same pressures to coaches and teams of any level. Learning the key methods to manage these demands and select focus for teams are critical skills for every coach to bring home to their team.

Second, the quality of instruction available from the currently assembled team of high performance staff is something unique and rare. This staff are single-minded and focused on what is the epitome of their professional lives – the Olympic Games. This dedicated group loves coaching field hockey, and they want to share this moment of focused professional development with the wider community so that our sport, at every level, can benefit from this moment.

Check out the event agenda and make sure to register today for this unique coach education opportunity!

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