WRAPPIT WRAPPIT Signs as USA Field Hockey’s Newest Sponsor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with WRAPPIT WRAPPIT, a brand new small business specializing in chamois overwraps for sticks with charming designs. WRAPPIT WRAPPIT is generously providing USA Field Hockey Members a 25% discount when shopping online.

WRAPPIT WRAPPIT recently stepped onto the pitch; specializing in custom orders for teams and clubs, they design chamois overwraps. Their ideation combines the fact that scoring a goal or making a save requires a lot of skill…and a little bit of luck. Founded in February 2024 in Charlotte, N.C. by Sarah Kocmond, what many would call a field hockey lifer, she turned a life's passion into a new venture.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing this for about 10 years now,” commented Kocmond. “When my daughter Elle Louise was eight, she spied a high school player with a rainbow grip. We asked the player where she got it - it was gifted - so I scoured the internet high and low to find one, with no luck.” Never deterred by a challenge, she collected all the available brands of chamois out there and set out to find a manufacturer to make her lucky designs come to life. After much trial and error, she could only move forward if she put herself out there and risked a little.  “It felt like the first time I took a shootout, and that was the same year when our high school conference introduced the shootout. No one knew what to expect.” Luckily, the first order arrived in early April and exceeded her expectations, both in form and function.

The Kocmonds have been a host family to U.S. Women’s National Team athlete Ashley Sessa since August 2023 and some of her design inspiration came from Sessa. “Admittedly, I have a real behind-the-scenes perspective of the daily routines (and superstitions) of a national team player,” shared Kocmond. “I don’t want to reveal player secrets, but some of my lucky designs were inspired by the best in the sport.”  WRAPPIT WRAPPIT hosted a team luncheon for USWNT back in April, and provided chamois wraps to try out. “I’m always asking for feedback. This is an accessory that many players are very particular about its function and feel. While I’m confident my designs look better, I want to make sure they play better too,” noted Kocmond. “So far, so good. Actually, way better than good.”

Kocmond is no stranger to sponsorships with USA Field Hockey and working with Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey’s Executive Director, when he was Director of Marketing. Back in 2012, she was the driving force behind the deal with then young start-up, S'well and their first sponsorship opportunity. In addition to providing the 2012 U.S. Olympic Women's Team with a supply of personalized custom bottles, Kocmond also ensured proceeds from the bespoke USA S'well went back to USA Field Hockey. “Giving back to the game that has given me so much is a natural reaction,” added Kocmond. “Of course, I’m going to do the same once I add USA wraps to the store. I’m working with Jenny Rizzo and the USWNT Leadership Team, allowing them to choose their own lucky design--coming soon!”

Learn more about WRAPPIT WRAPPIT and find out where they got their name by visiting to shop current designs or find details on custom orders. Tag and follow on social media @wrappitwrappit. Log into your USA Field Hockey Member Account or visit your In The Circle app to obtain the WRAPPIT WRAPPIT member benefit discount.

WRAPPIT WRAPPIT designs grips for sports equipment, specifically synthetic chamois overwrap grips for field hockey. Our company is based on the belief that scoring a goal or making a save requires a lot of skill...and a little bit of luck. Our purpose is to offer a better-designed and better-performing necessity to the sport. WRAPPIT WRAPPIT is a female-owned small business, founded by Sarah Kocmond, well-knit in the field hockey community and headquartered in Charlotte NC. As a business, WRAPPIT WRAPPIT is committed to providing players and teams with the best (and luckiest) option available, because our customers are family. We’re lucky to have found you! 

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