Field Hockey Growing in Michigan

Yesterday, a historic milestone for the sport in Michigan was achieved. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Representative Council voted to approve the sponsorship of field hockey starting in the 2025-26 school year. This decision is a key indicator of continued growth of field hockey in Michigan, and a cause for celebration among field hockey leaders who have worked collaboratively to grow field hockey opportunities throughout the state.

Here are some reactions to the exciting news from key stakeholders:

"It's an exciting time for the sport of field hockey in Michigan. The Michigan High School Athletic Association’s approval to add field hockey for the 2025-26 fall season is a sign of growth we have anticipated at the high school level. Since our inception in January of 2020, the Michigan State Chapter has embodied the chapter goal of serving and inspiring members and growing locally. In our early strategic planning, our goal was to actively support change in the state's landscape at the high school level. Through USA Field Hockey's piloted chapter initiative, collaboration empowered our leaders to act. I want to thank all our leaders and field hockey enthusiasts who worked together to help grow the game. We are excited for what comes next."

"The NFHS is so pleased that the Michigan High School Athletic Association has decided to sanction the sport of field hockey for the 2025-26 school year. Congratulations to both the staff of the MHSAA and the Michigan State Chapter of USA Field Hockey. The collaboration between the two organizations was key in continuing to bring field hockey from a club experience through to an interscholastic opportunity for so many student-athletes. We are looking forward to watching the sport continue to grow, as it invites young people to get involved in a game that is truly exciting."

"This is awesome news for Michigan. Thanks to the MHSAA for believing in field hockey and for creating opportunities for generations of athletes to come to play state sanctioned high school field hockey . A big thanks also goes to the Michigan State Chapter and all the leaders of youth, school, club and college hockey in Michigan who have and continue to share their passion for the sport and grow the game."

"Congratulations to the MHSAA and all the leaders who worked tirelessly and collaboratively to grow field hockey opportunities throughout Michigan over the years. Your dedication and passion for field hockey paved the way for this important sanctioning decision which will lead to growth of more field hockey opportunities in Michigan and beyond."

USA Field Hockey would like to extend the thank you to the entire Michigan State Chapter, led by president Tamer; Michigan Club leaders Nancy Cox (Pinnacle FH), Maren Langford (Fer de Lance FHC), Amy Kilgore (Live Oak Field Hockey) and Leslie Fry (Great Lakes Regional Field Hockey). Along with Michigan college staffs, Marcia Pancratz, Ryan Langford and Kristi Gannon Fisher (Michigan); Helen Knull, Tamara Durante and Erin Shanahan (Michigan State) and Jennifer Johnstone, Abigail Lucius and Robyn Murray (Central Michigan); and Michigan umpire leader Pat Hayes.

More thanks goes to John Shaner, Roxy Block, Lorin Cartwright, Meg Seng, Kathy Westdorp, the NFHS, and many others who have been instrumental in promoting and partnering to grow field hockey in Michigan.

USA Field Hockey looks forward to working with the Michigan State Chapter and the entire field hockey community to support high schools interested in adding the sport starting in 2025-26.

The excitement continues this weekend, May 11 to12, as the Michigan State Chapter is serving as tournament host for USA Field Hockey’s Region 9 Regional Club Championship (RCC) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich.

This marks the first time a State Chapter has hosted a RCC. Winners from the Regional Club Championship qualify to compete against other top clubs at the National Club Championship held June 22 to 30 in Virginia Beach, Va.

Learn more about the Michigan State Chapter by clicking here.