Secret to Success - Feeder Programs!

by Erica Reilly, USA Field Hockey Michigan State Chapter Treasurer/School Chair, High School and Middle School

Content Courtesy of USA Field Hockey Michigan State Chapter

It is a well known fact that a good youth feeder program can help a high school team, and that a nonexistent one, can hurt it. As high school field hockey develops in the state of Michigan, this premise has become abundantly clear to new coaches. Teams with the strongest feeder programs in the state have consistently seen the most success in the postseason.

Ann Arbor’s Recreation & Education department boasts the oldest youth field hockey program in the state.

“We have been running field hockey programming since the mid 80’s,” said Seth Dodson, manager of the city’s youth programming. “In our fall leagues we typically have around 215 to 230 kids and for the spring leagues we have, in a usual season, around 300 students.”

The city also has five middle schools with teams: Slauson, Forsythe, Clague, Tappan and St.Francis.

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If you want to learn more about how to start a youth and/or middle school feeder program, reach out to the Michigan Chapter of USA Field hockey at