USA Field Hockey & Blockstar Field Hockey Announce Sponsorship to Benefit Programs & Members

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with Blockstar Field Hockey, the creator of THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target and Goal on the Go! portable goal. The products give athletes the opportunity to convert any space into a field hockey playing and practice area.

Blockstar Field Hockey has been designated, “The Official Supplier and Sponsor of USA Field Hockey” in the portable lightweight goal and goal target category. The product developer and company owner is Jill Dedman, a college coach and former U.S. Women’s National Team goalkeeper. As part of this partnership, Blockstar will offer all current USA Field Hockey member clubs and individual members a 15 percent savings on all Blockstar products. To purchase and utilize this exclusive member savings, log into your USA Field Hockey Member Account by clicking here.

Dedman began her business with the mission to provide specific goalkeeper training to anyone seeking it. In 2015, she launched her first product, THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target, which is a lightweight, portable target that attaches to an existing goal frame and can be used to challenge players when a goalkeeper is not available. The corners are left open to encourage high scoring percentage shots. In 2021, the “Wind and Rebound Edition” Blockstar Shooting Target was released introducing new material allowing it to be used on windy days and providing more of a rebound. 

“When I first began coaching, we would often put trash cans in the middle of the goal when a [goal[keeper was unavailable,” said Dedman.As a former goalkeeper myself, I wanted to create a better representation of a keeper. I wanted something lightweight and portable so coaches wouldn’t have to struggle with heavy training products.”

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target has made its way into programs in the United States and around the world including Australia, Canada, Germany, Namibia, The Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

When traveling to Belize, Costa Rica and Peru, Blockstar Field Hockey held pop up clinics giving local athletes sticks, balls and Blockstar Shooting Targets that surprisingly fit onto already existing soccer goals that are abundant in Central and South America.

“The really cool thing about traveling with field hockey equipment was seeing how people everywhere were intrigued to try the sport and all it took was showing up to a field with some sticks, balls and the targets,” added Dedman.It was truly like a field of dreams where we showed up and the kids emerged. A connection was made with the community, the people were so welcoming and when we returned, the game had continued.”

In the pause of training during the pandemic, Dedman used the time to test and develop her latest product, The Goal on the Go!, which was first made available to the public in the spring of 2021. Dedman’s mission was to create a lightweight, portable field hockey goal that could be easily carried and set up anywhere. The aim was to create a more affordable goal that could help make field hockey more accessible to all.

“We are really excited to partner with USA Field Hockey as we have a shared mission to grow the game,” commented Dedman.We are a small company and by partnering with the national governing body of our sport, we are grateful for the opportunity to get the word out about our products. The hope is to make them affordable and accessible to whomever wants one. The dream would be for the Goal on the Go! to become the gathering spot for neighborhood kids to play and have fun. Blockstar Field Hockey offers payment plans so that anyone who wants one can have one.”

“Blockstar Field Hockey’s founder, owner and product designer Jill Dedman has a commitment and passion for the game and its goalkeepers,” said Ginger Wheeler, USA Field Hockey’s commercial partnership and marketing manager. “She is devoted to the sport as a means of making a difference in the world and we are thrilled to partner with her to make lightweight, portable field hockey goals accessible and affordable. USA Field Hockey offers an abundance of youth development initiatives where these products can be used to teach and learn, because they are easy to transport and assemble. Blockstar’s pricing and affordability are extremely competitive and USA Field Hockey members can access even more discounts. For someone who wants to buy a Blockstar product the savings almost pay for the membership.”

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