North Carolina Chapter of USA Field Hockey hosts the State All Star Game

by USA Field Hockey

Content Courtesy of USA Field Hockey North Carolina State Chapter


North Carolina high school athletes were selected to be members of two All Star teams for an invitation only event held at the end of the high school season in November of 2022. Players from either the Independent School Athletic Association (NCSIAA) or the North Carolina Field Hockey Association (NCFHA) were eligible to be invited to play for each organization’s All Star team. 2022 marked the first time that this annual event was hosted and organized by the USA Field Hockey North Carolina State Chapter. 


The NCSIAA team rostered 20 athletes, each recognized as league All Stars in the Independent School league. The NCFHA team invited 20 stand-out seniors from public high schools around the state to play for their team. The teams competed head to head in a single game competition. This year, the NCSIAA team bested the NCFHA team in a hard fought game, finishing 2-1.


What used to be a state club hosted event was turned over to the newly formed North Carolina State Chapter by consensus. “This felt like the natural home for this event," commented one of the original organizers, "and we are glad it’s now with the Chapter.”  Reaching into its 11th year, this event is anticipated greatly by players for the end of their high school season as a capstone event. The North Carolina State Chapter will be continuing to host the event in coming years.


Started in 2010, the North Carolina State All Star Game was created to honor the dedication and performance of field hockey athletes in the state of North Carolina. Field hockey in the state has become robust and is consistently growing in both popularity and quality.


This year's event was held at Jack Katz Stadium at Duke University in Durham, N.C., although the game is intentionally held at various locations around the state to ensure good participation by athletes. Players from around the state traveled for hours in some cases, to take part in the event and represent their division. Many players have been waiting with anticipation for this event for years. For many, it is a career capping honor, after having watched as spectators and seen teammates selected, and the invitations are highly coveted.


“I was honored to be able to compete alongside and against high level athletes from all over the state!  I met new friends from other schools, and had so much fun playing one last high school game on a nice field with competitive players.”

- Macie Penisi, Athlete 


Parents actively supported the game, filling much needed volunteer slots for announcing, scoring, and other support jobs; helping to create this experience for the players. They also had a great time themselves, and for some parents, this was the final event for them if their daughter was not planning to play collegiately. 



During halftime, fans were brought out of the stands and onto the field. Children were invited to be introduced to the game, pick up a stick, learn some skills, and even compete in a hitting competition. The event itself is geared towards the best competition, but it is important to reach back and help to create new dreams for burgeoning athletes aspiring to take the field in years to come as players and future All Stars.


In coming years, organizers hope to expand the game to three teams, especially as the sport continues to grow in the state. Already in planning for next year, there are hopes the event will include clinics, and a surrounding meet and greet dinner or luncheon for athletes. Chapter leaders noted that these players compete hard all year against each other, and the chance to spend time talking over a meal would be a welcome addition.


“I was thrilled that the North Carolina All Star Game returned this year and that Lauren [Romeiser] was chosen to be a part of the public school squad. Lauren decided about a year ago that she did not want to continue to play field hockey in college, so this game was the absolute perfect end to her field hockey career. I definitely teared up as she took the pitch as a starter, alongside (and against) so many of her past teammates and friends from around the state - most of whom we have known for 9 years now. It was just a fun, fun game.  It was a beautiful day, and the event was well run. Being a Duke alum, it was even more special for me to watch her play her last game at my alma mater.  It was a highlight of Lauren’s senior year for sure.”

- Erin Romeiser, mother of Lauren Romeiser


The mission of the State Chapter is to represent the national sport organization at the local level, introducing and fostering all the things field hockey has to offer athletes in North Carolina. This was a “mission accomplished” event, serving both the high school All Stars and local fans, as well as growing new young players who attended. Key event organizers for the event were Amy Robertson, Terry Loeb and Miki Osherow, all current officers for the chapter.



About the North Carolina State Chapter

In the North Carolina USA Field Hockey State Chapter, the mission is to collaboratively Support, Deliver, Fuel, and Drive field hockey in all age groups via school, club, and USA Field Hockey programming and tournaments utilizing networking, education/training, and resource streaming in order to increase the quality of play, instruction and competition within the state.