Next Chapter: U.S. National Teams are Now the United Eagles & Wolves

by USA Field Hockey

100 years ago, USA Field Hockey was formed.

Now it’s time for the next chapter.

USA Field Hockey is excited to reveal the new and improved look for the U.S. National Teams. The collection consists of three iterations of the classic red, white and blue jersey tops – all designed with principles of a clean and functional aesthetic in mind. This latest design is also the first to feature official sponsor “Bank of America” across the chest, flanked on each side with the Osaka Hockey logo on the left and the national team crest on the right. The United States Performance Center logo can be found on the sides of the uniform, amidst a gradient pattern of USA’s signature colors.

The United Eagles and the Wolves.

Bonded by the game.

Together we are unified.

Together we are one.

The new uniform presents a unified front for both national teams, the United Eagles and Wolves.

 Like many nations, the U.S. National Teams will now have secondary names.

The women will be referred to as the United Eagles. United in a common purpose, with a sense of together, and Eagles as a representation of the United States’ national bird.

The men will be called the Wolves. A sense of grit, brotherhood and ruthlessness. “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack”.

Our history follows us.

On and off the pitch.

The U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams only have one job to do in their new threads: make history. With many new names and fresh talent entering the ranks, it is only fitting that a new uniform be part of the journey.

Fans don’t have to wait long to see these fresh kits in action. The new uniform will be worn by the USWNT in the FIH Hockey Pro League, with their first match this Friday, February 17 at 9:10 p.m. ET against New Zealand.

"We are thrilled that we are proudly supported by two great American companies and so appreciative of their support,” added Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey’s Executive Director. “Both national teams had a hand in the design on the very cool Osaka uniforms.”