Next Level Video to Livestream Court 1 at U-16 Girls National Indoor Tournament

by USA Field Hockey

LANCASTER, Pa. - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce that matches on Court 1 at the 2023 U-16 GirlsNational Indoor Tournament (NIT), presented by YOLO Sportswear, will be live streamed free of charge provided by Next Level Video.

All games can be seen live on USA Field Hockey's YouTube.

 Friday, March 3 | Day 1
 Time Pool Team Team
 10:00 AM London Next Level Grey Centercourt FHC Blue
 10:45 AM Munich New Heights Silver High Voltage Black
 11:30 AM Albertville Centercourt FHC White PP Amplify A
 12:15 PM Sarajevo CPFH Lilac Windy City Frost
 1:00 PM Milan Alpha Purple Xtreme
 1:45 PM Atlanta FDL Blue AGH 2
 2:30 PM Turin Aim Orange PA Revolution White
 3:15 PM Lake Placid Seacoast FH Gold Freedom HKY Biscayne
 4:00 PM Vancouver Cape Ann FHC Black Mayhem Storm
 4:45 PM Oslo Saints 2 WC Eagles Orange
 5:30 PM Stockholm Spirit of USA Liberty Alley Cats Orange
 6:15 PM Cortina Striker Stars 2 NJ GRIT Ruby
 7:00 PM Athens Phoenix Perf. Academy Grey NJ Starz Black
 7:45 PM Helsinki CPFH Purple Saints Blue

 Saturday, March 4 | Day 2
 Time Pool Team Team
 7:00 AM Rome PowerHouse Strikers PA Revs Silver
 7:45 AM Los Angeles Hammers Gold WC Eagles Fly
 8:30 AM Paris U-14 WC Eagles Cape Cod FHC Blue
 9:15 AM Barcelona IFHCK Phoenix Electric Surge Fire
 10:00 AM Beijing Freedom HKY Kings Canyon PA United Pink
 10:45 AM Innsbruck Warhawks Blue UPRISE Gold
 11:30 AM
 Squaw Valley 1st Seoul 1st
 12:15 PM Mexico City Stealth Renegades North East Elite Black
 1:00 PM
 Brisbane 1st Munich 1st
 1:45 PM St. Louis Princeton FHC Black FSC 1
 2:30 PM Helsinki 1st Rio 1st
 3:15 PM Calgary Texas Pride Red NEPA Force Sierra
 4:00 PM  Mexico City 1st Stockholm 1st
 4:45 PM Grenoble Freedom HKY Isle Royal East End Black
 5:30 PM  Oslo 1st Sydney 1st
 6:15 PM Atlanta 1st Milan 1st

 Sunday, March 5 | Day 3
 Time Team Team
 7:00 AM Lake Placid 4th Sapparo 4th
 7:45 AM St. Louis 2nd Montreal 2nd
 8:30 AM Melbourne 2nd Vancouver 2nd
 9:15 AM Vancouver 3rd Grenoble 3rd
 10:00 AM Salt Lake City 3rd Innsbruck 3rd
 10:45 AM London 4th Brisbane 4th
 11:30 AM Stockholm 4th Antwerp 4th
 12:15 PM Amsterdam 1st Lake Placid 1st
 1:00 PM Milan 1st Athens 1st
 1:45 PM Rio 2nd Nagano 2nd
 2:30 PM Stockholm 1st Antwerp 1st
 3:15 PM Calgary 1st Berlin 1st
 4:00 PM Nagano 2nd Helsinki 2nd
 4:45 PM Antwerp 1st Mexico City 1st

Next Level Video is also offering game film packages for NIT participants to purchase. These include full game film (individual or team), highlight reels and full livestream options.

Stay up to date with everything happening at the NIT! For all the latest information, scores, schedules and more, check out the National Indoor Tournament Event Program.