Introducing Nexus: The Next Connection in Your USA Field Hockey Development

by USA Field Hockey

This week, USA Field Hockey will be introducing Nexus, USA Field Hockey’s new and improved Olympic Development Pathway Program. Nexus, presented by Harrow Sports, is designed to help players take their game to the next level and develop the next generation of elite players and future U.S. Olympians. Whether a player's goal is to make their high school team, play in college, achieve peak performance or represent Team USA in the Olympic Games, Nexus is for them.

“USA Field Hockey’s mission is to Grow the Game, Serve Members and Succeed Internationally,” said Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey’s Executive Director. “International success means winning consistently against the top teams in the world, qualifying and medaling in the Olympic Games. In order to achieve this goal, our Olympic Development Pathway Program needs to be outstanding, broadening our talent base of boys and girls and developing players to become elite athletes. The participants in Nexus will be our next generation of Olympians and leaders of our sport.”

Participants in Nexus will:

  • Receive Top Notch Coaching – Work with regional coaching teams trained in “The USA Way”, using a proven national curriculum developed by USA Field Hockey’s high-performance coaching team
  • Learn “The USA Way” – Understand and apply the language, philosophy, style of play and what it takes to make it to the next level in the United States system
  • Compete With & Against the Best – Challenge themselves against other talented and dedicated players in competitive game and skill-based activities
  • Develop Personal Development Plans (PDP) – Receive individual feedback to identify and improve on- and off-field strengths and weaknesses, tracking progress and development over time
  • Connect &Network – Make field hockey friends beyond school and club teams
  • Tryout for Team USA – Top performers in each age group will be invited to the Nexus Championship, from which players will be selected to USA Field Hockey’s Junior U.S. National Teams final selection camp.

For more information about Nexus, formerly the Futures program, and answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

All 2020 Futures registrants will receive a Nexus invitation by email in the next few days and are encouraged to register by Thursday, April 1, 2021. Players new to USA Field Hockey’s Olympic Development Pathway Program who are interested in receiving an invitation or applying for the 2021 Nexus program should click here for more information. Note that Nexus is geared toward current field hockey players – boys and girls ages 11 to 19 - who are self-motivated to improve and develop their game.

Beginners interested in learning to play field hockey should contact or visit USA Field Hockey’s Find A Club directory to locate an introductory program in their community.