USA Field Hockey & Promasque Resign Sponsorship for Goalkeeper Helmets

by USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  - USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Promasque. Entering their 58th year of production in a third-generation family business, Promasque continues to be considered the industry’s leader in headgear for goalkeepers.


Promasque is thrilled to be associated with USA Field Hockey to not only help Team USA, but also to grow the game in the United States for boys and men as well as girls and women," stated Matt Garland, Promasque Owner. "We love the game of field hockey for its athleticism, strategy and fun, and enjoy providing headgear that is not only superior in protection, but also style, for athletes of all ages. Keeping goalkeepers safe has been our family’s passion for over 50 years and we also like to provide athletes with cool looking custom painted helmets to meet each individuals own personal needs and style.”


“Promasque has a product designed not only to keep our athletes safer, but also to allow them to express themselves with custom helmet and safety gear decorations," said Ginger Wheeler, USA Field Hockey's Commercial Partnerships and Marketing Manager. "USA Field Hockey desires safety and fun for every athlete who plays the game they love.”


About Promasque
Promasque, of Petersborough, N.H., has always offered masks made exclusively in the United States, and purposely limits its yearly production of handmade masks to keep complete control over quality. In 1996, they developed a high tech, lightweight “field hockey exclusive” version of their National Hockey League (NHL) goalkeeper mask. The mask was used successfully by Steve Wagner of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Team, and by Andrew Charter, Rio 2016 Olympian for Australia.


“We refuse to move any part of our operation offshore to save money,” added Garland. “All masks are handmade, and I personally assemble every mask we make to ensure that our headgear provides the best possible protection available. From 9-year-old beginners to Olympic goalkeepers and NHL All Stars, we provide unrivaled customer service and quality.”

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