June 26, 2016 U-14 National Futures Championship: Snapshots and Medalists

by USA Field Hockey

LANCASTER, Pa. – June 26, 2015 – At Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. the Citi National Futures Championship, presented by Harrow Sports, finished out another age division as the U-14 group concluded today.

USA Field Hockey would like to extend its congratulations to the following teams on their tournament victories:


Head Coach: Wendy Andreatta
Not in Order: Sophia Gladieux, Alana Richardson, Maya Walker, Macy Szukics, Madison DiPietro, Hannah Maxwell, Emma Bernard, Adrienne Couteau, Lilia Slattery, Gracie Jimenez, Piper Edwards, Julia Lamb, Ashley Arnold, Jessica Unkle, Katherine Guden, Lanie Stem, Kayla Ballas, Madison Rice, Shannon Conte, Kylie Goin


Head Coach: Lauren Powley
Not in Order: Emily Dykema, Elise Pettisani, Mare Meijaard, Phoebe Lemm, Katherine Blaisdell, Rine Tisioles, Amy Pasquale, Payton Altman, Nicolina Castronovo, Annie Corbett, Charlotte Hauptman, Morgan Johnson, Lauren Kokoskie, Serena Brimacombe, Evie Lake, Keely Comizio, Reagan Underwood, Rachel Apa, Allison Wood, Bridget Thompson

THIRD PLACE: Albertville

Head Coach: Victor Bradley
 Not in Order: Anna Castaldo, Ella Wareham, Lee Ann Gordon, Callie Srader, Hanke Govaert, Julia Leclercq, Kori Edmondson, Hillary Cox, Jayden Moon, Jenna Jaehnig, Amanda Middleman, Mia Leonhardt, Elle Freedman, Eileen King, Stephanie Oleykowski, Samantha Dugan, Samantha Freeman, Paige Bitting, Kelsey Felix, Clara Geraghty

In addition, congratulations to Nagano on winning the Barbara Longstreth Award for Sportsmanship. This award was created to promote good sportsmanship and given to the team that best exemplifies the qualifies of fair play, graciousness in victory and defeat, and respect for opponents and officials. This award is selected by the USA Field Hockey National Futures Championship Umpire and Coaching Staff. #NFC2016

Head Coach: Stephany Columbo
Not in Order: Regan Cornelius, Madeline Mullaney, Hope Rose, Chloe Relford, Lauren Aguilar, Presley Breslow, Tara Somers, Sophie Everett, Elizabeth Guenther, Ashley Sessa, Abigail Tamer, Kelly Rose, Alexandra Kulinski, Abigail Brown, Madeline Coombe, Maggie Goodwin, Julianne Kopec, Kennedy Sholeen, Lexie Hausheer, Caylie McMahon
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