FIH Hockey Pro League: Season 5 to start in Argentina

by USA Field Hockey

Content Courtesy of FIH


The fifth season of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Hockey Pro League – celebrating ‘Hockey at its Best’ – will start in December 2023 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Indeed, the competition dates for Season 5 – which will include seven “mini-tournaments” running from end 2023 to mid-2024 – have been confirmed today as follows:

  • Santiago del Estero, Argentina (6-11 December 2023)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (14-19 February 2024)
  • Rourkela, India (10-25 February 2024)
  • Antwerp, Belgium (23 May-2 June 2024)
  • Lee Valley, Great Britain (1-12 June 2024)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands (22-25 June 2024)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (22-30 June 2024)

With the relegation/promotion principle applied - for the first time - to the FIH Hockey Pro League, Season 5 will welcome two teams that have qualified through the first edition of the FIH Hockey Nations Cup played last year, namely India (women) and Ireland (men). Consequently, the bottom placed team of Season 4, in the women’s as well as the men’s League, will be relegated.

Furthermore, winning the FIH Hockey Pro League will come with a new and substantial “bonus” since the Champions of Season 5 will gain direct qualification for the Women’s and Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2026!

The participating teams of each mini-tournament, as well as the match schedules and final timings, will be confirmed at the end of the current season.